Saturday, 31 March 2012

TIP-ping TIME! Preparation for the next backpacking destination : MELBOURNE!

Yes!!! May 2012 is approaching and tomorrow's
the beginning of April!

How excited can you get thinking of an upcoming overseas backpacking experience in May?

For me... TONNESssss :D

Below is a setup for writing down all the budget travelling items and pricings before making a decision on where to stay, how to get there, and what to see.

Today I'll be solely blogging on my preparatory notes on <<<Accomodation>>>.

Now, would you please roll your eyes onto the pic-cie on the right>>>>
- Book (borrowed from Angie)

- Lappie (for Googling HostelWorld and travel sites - thanks for the links Vay!)

- Notebook with calendar, doubling up as a planner to jot down all the items to make comparisons

- Stickers (it came with the notebook)

- a sticky cat (which has got nothing to do with my research :P)

As of last week, I caught up with a friend who just got home from Melbourne and she lent me a really nice book from Lonely Planet. Apart from the book, she dispensed a really useful tip for first-timers like me, with regards to applying an Australian visa. You can actually do it online! There's no need to visit the embassy.

Head over to the Australian immigration website and look out for the online ETA (Electronic Travel Authority) link. The good thing about this is, if you are travelling by AirAsia, you don't need to bring your printed visa application along. AirAsia would already have the details in their system.

I have yet to submit my application, and there's one month left and lots to do still. I feel like the White Rabbit (not the candy from China, but the character from Alice in Wonderland).

Today I have the luxury to sit down, prop myself against the lacquered coffee table and divide each page of my notebook into columns. On each page, I put down the following details;
  1. The dates I'll be at Melbourne CBD, South of Melbourne, Great Ocean Road
  2. The hostel I'm interested in, rent-per-day (yes, price may differ each day depending on the hostel)
  3. Facilities; Laundry service and Wifi is a must! Free breakfast is a wonderful option. And..does the hostel have a tour/travel desk? Aircond? Ceiling fan? Hairdryers?
  4. How to get to the hostel from Southern Cross Station, how far, how long it may take
  5. Surrounding facilities ; e.g. any Coles supermarket around to get bottled water?

Last, but not least, remember to jot down the details of checking in/checking out, cancellation policy, contact details, address of the hostel. Compile it into a few pages and then show it to your group of travel buddies. And then, make your pick!

So far I've checked, the price for a night's stay is around MYR100. I am torn between moving hostels in Melbourne. Or should I make my stay a tad boring by cooping up in the same hostel for a straight 5 nights?

Aaaahhh well, I shall now get back to my very exciting planning task. I am considering to make a trip to St Kilda and stay a few nights, to satisfy my inner child at Luna Park (opened circa 1900)!! Free entry, paid rides..yeah details, details... I have to remember to budget properly! Accomodation makes up a big chunk of my wallet. If I am not careful, I would be overspending.

Shall blog on preparing for commuting around my points of interests the next round.

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